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Blushing over blushing bride

Franky's Blog # 1

 From Africa with love. This little beauty is part of the protea family and is originally from South Africa. Now that we mentioned it you can probably see the family resemblance. It is otherwise known as the Pride of Franschoek because the blushing bride grows happily upon the mountainous slopes of Franschoek, a beautiful region about an hour outside of Cape Town.

Blushing Bride Protea

The name blushing bride came from a beautifully romantic folklore story. The story goes that a man would pick the flower and place it in the lapel of his jacket, on the way to propose to the love of his life. The gesture would make the lovely bride to be blush. Hence the name. 

Franky & Me Blog #1
This story reminds us that it can be the simplest gesture that can mean the most. That doing something from the heart and authentically is what counts the most. Love is all we really need because with love we can achieve anything. 
Thank you Blushing Bride!
With love Franky and Me